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Originally Posted by dann View Post
I am 39 and just started flying and thinking of making a career change.Is this a realistic opportunity or a pipe dream.
You are starting late but it is possible for you. I have similar plans by the way. The first 5 years of airline flying are low income years, a blow to most middle agers who are used to more money.

How long to get enough hrs. to go to a regional?
Going through pilot mills like AllATPs and starting from scratch, one or years. Going through FBOs (fixed based operator) schools, maybe 2 years minimum. Things are changing in the industry right now and hiring minimums are coming down. 250 hours is the minimum, although you will not get to one of the better regionals until you reach more than 500 hours.

Is looking ahead to Cathay or Air China unreasonable. If I make the change I would want to do freight. Yeah one more thing I have no college degree. Looking for a lot of help.
Not having a college degree is going to limit you to regionals or Part 135 freight operations. This is a big minus, you will need a degree to fly for a major like Cathay. I would go to school and get a "soft" degree in something like pyschology, political science, communications, or education; it doesn't matter what as long as you can keep up your flight training on the side. You could have your degree and ratings within 4 years. Be careful about debt if you do this, because you are going to have to pay down your loans while making perhaps $20k a year at a regional. Good luck!

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