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Originally Posted by WiscoAviator View Post
Absolutely. I'm at ZW and I'm happy enough here but if I was in a TSA pilot's shoes, the UAX exclusive carriers would be on the bottom of my list.

Lol after trying to force their jump seat rules on everyone elseís jump seat, then pretty much shutting down TSA plus all the back end employees ( MX, scheduling, etc,) are out of a job. Plus on United if itís a deadhead on go home day they will over sell the flight and put you on the next flight or junior man you into a hotel. The aviate shenanigans and only allowing some airlines.
Ewr sucks but the pay is nice.

Now with the crono virus, they stopped classes and are putting pilots on leave due to cancelled flights and the 737 mess.

Yeah I agree UAX and any of their regionals are at the bottom of my list.
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