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Was top 30% at my regional. Now bottom 1% here. Started in February. Havenít gone more than an hour thinking of what Iím going to do when Iím furloughed. I have a child, one on the way, and my wife stays at home now. What compounds the situation is having to drop over $2,000 between lodging, uniform, food, etc. for training. All while taking a large pay hit for training pay and small hit for first year pay. I feel helpless as I know itís a question of not if, but when furloughs come.
You have a lot on your plate....try and stay positive. Iíve been in your shoes. Itís day to day and itís stressful. Letís hope this blows over in a few months and Delta doesnít need to furlough. As others have said there will be LOAís, SILs, reduced ALVs and retirements. Although the Big D may go through some shrinkage they may not have to furlough if this does not remain prolonged. Nobody really knows the duration or economic impact going forward for our careers at this point. Yes it is frustrating, but control what you can. So enjoy your family and health and hope for the best.
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