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Default Upset Recovery / Spin Training at DCA

I had posted this elsewhere and just had to share it here too.
Good news. My father, a captain at our namesake really wanted me to take the Upset Recovery course and happens to know the owner of the Extra 300 DCA had been using ... who is the same guy who flew the airshow at DCA's grand opening of the new facility. A quick call from my father reveals that DCA had declined to continue using the Extra 300 and that anyone can get the same upset recovery training in the same yellow Extra 300 DCA had been using for a bit less than at DCA.
I had been so excited as this week I was scheduled to take upset training in DCA's new Extra 300 which for some reason they no longer have ... again. I was supposed to have taken the course months ago, however at the time DCA only had a ratty Extra 200 which less than half of the student body could fit in. After now completing my multi courses I was able to step back and was on the schedule to begin my upset training at the end of this week. I was really looking forward to it as it would not only teach me something incredible and break some of the fears the Cessna and Seminole had yet to do ... but it was just going to be fun. You Cirrus guys ... good luck learning how to use your feet!
I get into school Monday to discover that there will be no more upset training. DCA has made it voluntary and no longer has has the Extra 300. Get this, they're still offering the course for anyone who fits in the Extra 200. What kind of crap is that when the vast majority of us who want to take the course don't fit in the 200? This program seems to be such a bait and switch for DCA ... we have it, we don't, we have it, we don't. How can they not seem to manage one small program and a fleet of two planes?
If anyone still wants the course ... the same training can be had in a better airplane than the 200 for less than at DCA. The website is A friend an I have already signed up. We'll let you know how it goes.
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