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Originally Posted by HercTank View Post
Couple quick questions for those of you out there doing this type of flying.

1. Is one company better than another? CACI, L3 etc... to be honest, those are the only two I know of.

2. Are they still hiring?

3. To be transparent, who pays the most and gets you overseas the quickest?

Iím an Air Force guy with about 1800 PIC (4000TT). C-130s and K -135s. Typed in the BE-200. Many Middle East and Africa deployments. Active TS clearance.

Still an active Reservist and just took a 13 month leave of absence from a major airline and the way things are going I donít imagine Iíll be back to that job in the next few years. Very bottom of the seniority list.

Thanks for any info or advice.
Crazy times indeed. The fact of someone of your qualifications inquiring about ISR attests to that. How a period of a few weeks changed EVERYTHING. I believe overseas travel restrictions make it more difficult if not impossible to rotate crews in and out of the AO for now and there's will always be bad guys who need watching. Does your LOA allow you to keep your seniority number? I know under USERRA you'll keep moving up if it a military deployment. Either way if you can keep using retirement numbers to move up and whatever economic recovery we actually see on the other end might be the best you can hope for in the current environment. My .02. Good luck.
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