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Default CRJ 200 Pilots TRE/ TRI / Line Check Airman

An upcoming airline in India, ZOOM Air is looking for CRJ200 Captains / TRE's & TRI's & Line Check Airman.

Zoom Air will be operating CRJ200's as Essential Air Service under the Govt. of India's plan to provide Air connectivity to smaller cities not already served by Air Travel. The company will start with 4 CRJ200 & 3 more are coming a few months after the operations begin therefore the Immediate need for Pilots & Mechanics on CRJ 200.

2 TRE / TRI Either Both TRE's or 1 TRE & 1 TRI on CRJ200

2 Line Check Airman on CRJ200

4 Line Captains CRJ 200

Mechanics on CRJ200

All Pilots must have recent CRJ200 Experience in last 6/12 months.

FAA or CANADIAN / ICAO ATP with CL-65 Type, 1st Class Medical, Radio Lic etc etc (Typicall usual stuff)

NO BA+ in at least last 3 yrs, preferably 5 years Ideally NEVER (that's a big one in India)

The Pilots must be willing to Provide / Sign a PRIA auth.

The company is offering a good Salary Package. The Salary will be NET after taxes and the Indian Taxes will be paid by the company. India has NO DUAL Taxation Treaty with USA, so the pilots won't need to pay taxes on Indian Income and effectively the salary will be Tax free ( But I am very careful in using that word, so that I am NOT giving Tax Advise)

$10,000 per month (Net After Taxes) for Line Check Airman pilots.

They are open for a 6 or 12 month contract depending in Pilot's availability / Desire.

Max age is 64 so that the company can get at least 6-12 months from a Pilot.

The perks include a Paid Accommodation in New Delhi (or any other airline base) in a good quality upscale & Fully furnished 2/3/4 Bed Apartment depending on Pilot's Family Size.

Also, Includes all other regular perks which are standard in India, like company paid private Transportation To/From Home to Airport/ Layover Hotel, & upscale hotel & Meals on Layovers, etc etc...

Ideally, they want someone with prev Mgmt Experience who can build the team, Chief Pilot / Dir of Flt Training, Training Dept, TRE/TRI Line check airman & then the team can Train & release the line guys to fly.

The pay is negotiable for the right candidate ( Chief Pilot & TRE / Dir of Training )

They do have some people which they got from recruiting agencies & they are not happy with that process. My recommendation to them was to find American / Canadian Pilots & so they told me to spread the word.

For those who will ask, YES, the Indian DGCA does differentiate between a CRJ 200 & CRJ 700/900 time. That is why, they do need to see at least some CRJ200 time & Experience & some of it has be recent (within 6-12 months)

It can be a paid vacation 6-12 months for those who want a change of scenery or for those who are forced to take an COVID related LOA.

The upside, The pilots get treated the way the Pilot deserve to be treated.
If needed, the company doesn't limit how much fuel you carry, you can carry as much fuel as the W&B will allow, Heck, the Govt is paying for it.

Downside, Indian monsoons are a B!@cth to deal with and A lot of Airspace is controlled by Air Force, there a lot of restricted areas and there are not a whole lot of airports to divert to, so the guys really need to be on top of their game. Plus Indian DGCA is a bigger pain to deal with..

And the line Pilots don't need to deal with DGCA, the company & CP / Dir of Training will do that.

I think Air Wisconsin, PSA , Skywest or any former Comair guys will be a good fit..

Right now, the country is in a Lock Down, but they want to start operations once the country begins to open up..

And I am just the Messenger, so pls don't shoot the messenger..

Shoot all your questions directly to Capt JK Dogra, Dir of Ops..

[email protected]
[email protected]


I have NO personal interest in this company, I am NOT a recruiter or getting paid for anything..

I am just posting this upon request from a friend....
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