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Originally Posted by FlyPurdue View Post
I have read on here that Amerijet has changed a lot (for the better) over the past few years. Are trips still geared towards people who live in S. Florida?


AmeriJet has changed a lot, depending on who you ask is for the better or worse. Itís changing itís business model from flying itís own cargo to ACMI, some people are not happy about that.
With the ACMI flying we are getting virtual bases outside MIA, we opened SMF for USPS and CVG for DHL, and while we are all based in MIA they will fly you from your requested airport to those cities (normally you will be there for a couple weeks in a hotel while doing the flying)
The bidding for those virtual bases are awarded in seniority, and are going fairly senior (SMF anyway, CVG first award will be processed on May 13th)
Management is pursuing more ACMI flying possibly with more virtual bases
Hope this answers your question

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