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Originally Posted by AirBear View Post
You'll pay full retail at Carmax but it is a lot easier. Years ago my wife's friend totaled her Saturn. Carmax wanted $9200 for the same year/model. I did some shopping around, found the same car for $6000. Also, some places have part time dealers who'll buy a car at auction for you and mark it up $500 or so. That was 15-20 years ago thou, a medically retired USAir Captain ran an auto repair shop near CLT and knew the guy who would buy at auction.

I've got my wife's hand-me-down 2014 SUV, it only has 43K miles and now that I'm out on medical I barely put 100-200 miles a month on it. Before the lockdown she traveled around a fair amount with her hobby but since she has other medical conditions that put her at high risk if she gets the virus she's pretty much been home for 2 months. She got a new SUV last summer and it's just sitting in the garage.
CARMAX is not the cheapest used car available, but if you're not certain what you want it's nice to be able to shop a lot... especially if you're my wife, no way could I pick out a car sight-unseen for her. Cheaper than new, and some assurance of reliability.
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