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Originally Posted by sled14 View Post
I'm having a CPA do my taxes for the first time this year. He said on my W2 it show "local wages, tips, etc" around $8,000 and showing the city as Philadelphia, where I was based last year (live in Florida, Denver airline). He said because it shows me having income in Philadelphia, it may be better to submit a tax return to the state of PA. He's not an airline-specific CPA and I'm not sure exactly the rules pertaining to this.

Any advice/help regarding this? I have never lived in PA.

Here is what I think that you are looking for. (f)(2) is the important part.

As long as your fight time over PA was less than 50% of your total flight time then you should not owe any PA taxes. Good luck fighting with the City of Brotherly Love.
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