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Originally Posted by sled14 View Post
I'm having a CPA do my taxes for the first time this year. He said on my W2 it show "local wages, tips, etc" around $8,000 and showing the city as Philadelphia, where I was based last year (live in Florida, Denver airline). He said because it shows me having income in Philadelphia, it may be better to submit a tax return to the state of PA. He's not an airline-specific CPA and I'm not sure exactly the rules pertaining to this.

Any advice/help regarding this? I have never lived in PA.

PA would love to have your taxes!

But FL would not be happy if you didn't also pay them, since presumably they know you live there.

As others said, file in your home state and try to make sure you don't do 50% in-state flying in the domicile state. It would be hard to do 50% of your flying in a small state like PA anyway, but regional pilots can get screwed in big states like CA and TX if they're doing mostly local-ish flying. I definitely exceeded 50% in-state in the turboprop days but fortunately I lived in CA anyway.
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