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Originally Posted by rxsanche View Post

Having an ATP now is not going to give you any significant advantage over other candidates as no one is hiring other than cargo carriers and for that you will need some part 121 time under your belly.

I don't see the advantage of having to pony up the cost of the ATP ticket as hiring could take years to come back before the majors start hiring again and we begin to see movement at the Regional level

Until then, this industry has been devastated until a proven vaccine comes around and people feel its safe to travel for business and leisure

Hope this helps
Thanks. I don't agree it'll be years before hiring begins again, and I don't think anyone really knows how long it's going to take. There are too many unknown variables.

Also, I'm not holding out for a job at a regional and I don't want to pass up an opportunity (even if the cost isn't that much) to get the ATP on my own, should other job opportunities present themselves.

I think I'll take the written and checkride on my own dime and get it done with.
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