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Originally Posted by TeamSasquatch View Post
This is old info, but I turned down a job a few years go at Alpine. Only because I took a job closer to home. Similar flight times and nothing special. I went and toured the Billings operation, meet with the Chief and talked to some pilots on here. At that time, people left after getting some TPIC time for the next job. Sounded like a fairly predictable attrition. I bet In todayís world, No movement equals no open jobs. I did see a new job posted for them last week. I think it was out of Denver. Maybe worth re applying. Iím guessing that once Covid is gone, youíll be able to skip alpine and go to a next level job.
Just because COVID-19 is gone, it will take some time to get the furloughed back on board before the hiring train starts up again.
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