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Biggs – I’m sorry but do you have some information that none of us do? No one is “spouting crap,” here, we are just speculating – after all this is a message board, right?
You say the only way they can over 60 guys can get the front seat again is through a vacancy and you add “the company has already said this and the union agrees.”

Well, I hope you are right but last time I checked the union made a presentation to the company on what they think is best for the pilot group and for the company. That’s all.
The company has not agreed to anything, they still haven’t announced what they’ll do. It might be a vacancy posting but it could very well be a displacement bid too.

IF, I repeat IF that happens, the over 60 guys who’ll now be moving upfront will be leaving an empty FE seat behind them, correct? Their replacements can only come from either junior pilots being displaced into those seats OR from new hires. Since a UPS recruiters told the recent AirInc attendees that there probably won’t be any hiring in 2008, the only option would be junior guys, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, this is all pure speculation but I wanted to remind you that so is your claim that the company has already agreed to something. Frankly no one knows what will happen and in the meantime the pilots will probably keep debating an issue very important to all of us.

Seinfeld - you're probably right but nothing is set in stone - that's all I'm trying to say.
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