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Rail passes. There are 3 day rail/bus/ferry passes for 19 Euros. There are passes that are good for most of central Netherlands. There are passes that get you anywhere in the country for not much money.

Gooithorn, Delft, Middleburg, Zaanse Schonse are all accessible. If you like weird stuff that's beyond Amsterdam, there's a church that has mummies naturally form in its vault located in the northwest of the country. There are some obscure maritime museums in some of the coastal towns. You can tour the great cheese cities of the Netherlands (Edam, Gouda, etc.). You can get really dorky and look at the shot-up bunkers on the coast near Groede or hang out in Arnhem.

There are also ferries to more remote islands that aren't super-touristy.

Amsterdam is amazing but it's just as cool to get out and sniff around the rest of the country. All of that is easily doable on an AMS overnight. Of course, this all assumes things open up again.
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