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Originally Posted by Bumper View Post
Went for my yearly eye exam and was diagnosed with intermittent esophoria/( eyes turn in when trying to focus )
the doctor gave me new eye glasses with prism lens w 4.5 diopters prism correction. I correct to 20/20 no double vision and have
no other eye issues except must wear glasses. MRI was all done rule out any tumor or stroke. Been wearing new lens for few weeks working well. Was told I had this my whole life but now that I am older eye muscle cant compensate anymore. I have report of eye eval in hand( been doing Eval for 20 years) 2nd class medical is due and scheduled. Anyone have any experience with this. Will AME defer to OKC ? Thanks for any input

An AME CAN always defer to OKC, but per the AME guidebook deferral would not be required.

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