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Originally Posted by Scubidopapa View Post
Sierra vista is a good place to be if you donít mind flying the box. You can live in the Tucson area and have a one hour commute to work. El Paso is a decent place to raise a family. Puerto Rico is a great place to work and a nice place to live. Iím not sure why having a wife and child would prevent you from working in PR. Most employees in PR have families.
I'm sorry I wasn't too specific with the Puerto Rico location. Its a concern for me cause I have military obligations still and I don't know how difficult it is for me to fulfill that commitment that far away.

I am concerned about family cause of schools, environments and things like that. I know nothing about these places.

I am also eager to know about aircraft types at locations. Dual rated so I was curious what life might be like. I don't wanna fly drones if I can help it
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