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Originally Posted by Roberto View Post

Why do you think I was talking about you <g>?

Seriously, I visit the forum to receive and provide information. I tend not to respond to argumentum ad hominem. If I do, it is just for fun.

I think discussions about greed are among the most fatuous, and are best left to politicians and demagogues.
I guess I'm confused. Are you saying you weren't talking about me?
I'm not being abusive or circumstantial. I'm simply stating that greed is a strong motivator. There are far too many examples of it in this industry of the old guys selling out the young guys. The B scale is probably the most glaring. H--l, our government is guilty of the same thing. Take a look at what senators get for just doing one term. If they can vote themselves a good deal then why not, right? Is a union so different? How about special interest groups? The examples go on and on. Human nature is what it is.
These forums are a good thing, however posting here opens the door to being asked questions. If you don't want to answer them then that is your choice. However that doesn't mean you won't get asked. Choose not to explain yourself, however you will start to get a following much like RJLavender has over in the FedEx forum.
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