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Originally Posted by sailingfun View Post
This is a incorrect statement. It’s possible to get covid after a vaccine but before full antibody production. In that case you could spread it. It’s also possible to get covid even with the vaccine and spread it but the numbers look really good. Once you have full antibody protection the likelihood of getting and spreading covid is very low to virtually nil once you reach full antibody levels.
The above perception is driven by the press saying people vaccinated can still spread it. They omit that they mean people who were exposed to covid just before or after getting the vaccine.
Thats not at all what they mean. All traditional vaccines shed. There is still no evidence this “vaccine” will reduce transmission or your risk to infection. The chief scientist at the WHO reiterated as much as late as Monday. The studies only analyzed reduction of mild symptoms. There are some significant risks to this vaccine. So far there have been 56 deaths linked to it not including those seriously injured. They are already talking about slowing down giving the vaccine to the frail due to significant outcomes they have seen in the frail elderly. As for the excess deaths. Over 60% are non covid related and in younger age groups. Likely they were lockdown related.
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