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Originally Posted by GogglesPisano View Post
So intentionally misleading the American people is somehow not lying. Because it was for a good cause? WTF?

Ill use that one from now on: I lied for your own good. So technically its not a lie. 🥱

Disclaimer: Ive been following Fauci for 20 years and am still a fan. But he dropped the ball here.
100% this..."a rose by any other name".

We all need to own our words and actions, and the perceived righteousness of one's words and actions should not excuse the consequences thereof.

This doesn't make Fauci "bad"...but he made a deliberate, calculated CHOICE. We all need to objectively call the spade a spade and acknowledge how such an admission could have impacted impacted the trust given to public health messaging by government officials since late spring/early summer.
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