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Originally Posted by Nvrgofullretard View Post
please expand on what you are talking about. In what way are we tripping into an Orwellian event? How are masks being used in a negative way?
My comment was to the "back to normal lives" portion of the post, not masks per se.

How much longer will the governors of states continue to execute their "emergency" powers? As an example, my state senator and assemblyman -- our elected representatives -- have zero input into the executive decrees dictating which businesses can operate, how they may operate, and at what capacity. It sure makes "governing" easy; the whole messiness of law making just kind of goes away.

To whom do citizens address grievances? Most lawmakers in my state do not even find out about new penalties, fines, or directives until after the media reports what his royal highness and his high court have decided what is best for us. I guess maybe after the W.H.O. declares the pandemic officially over. Maybe? But what about COVID-21 or COVID-22, or the new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that, of course, requires extension of emergency powers?

These are rhetorical in nature, but Rahm Emmanuel's quote seemed to sum it up succinctly.

Rant over.


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