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Originally Posted by Paok View Post
As a WHOLE how many corporate pilots do you know who have only worked for 1 or 2 companies....... not many... My moms company just took order of a brand spanking new custom G-450.... well 2 months later, company sold, divided up. Bye Bye flight department.... Who woulda thought?
BIG airplanes become BIG targets, it's just a fact of life in this business.

As a WHOLE, if you fly for a financially stable company that is not a takeover candidate with a culture that supports corporate aviation, then I would say that long-term, stable employment is pretty much in the bag. Having the right aircraft for the corporate mission is also very important. If load factors are (e.g.) running at three and average stage length is 1.2, then the corporation does not need a G450.

If you fly for a relatively new company that has not had a department for over five years, then I would be cautious. Many companies seem to lose aircraft congruently with IRS MACRS depreciation schedules.

If a corporation flies 100-250 hours per year, I would be cautious as well. Utilization of this type would be better suited with a fractional share or a pre-purchased block of charter hours.

You have to complete your due diligence before accepting any offer from any corporate flight department. Culture and utilization are the brick and mortar of determining secure employment.
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