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The optics do not look favorable. Reminds me of an extended family member who failed the state police entrance physical exam 4 times in a row. They used to say “they’ll see the initiative and how bad I want it.” My words to them is that it shows how completely unprepared you are and shows a complete inability to correct an error.

Check rides throughout your career are about eliminating as many variables as you can. The old “don’t practice till you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong” applies very much here. Do we all make mistakes? Of course, and some are beyond your control to a certain extent. All this shows any hiring board is that when stress levels are high and you are under pressure, you will not perform. This isn’t the end of your professional career, but you won’t find many places willing to take a chance. Odds are, when under pressure you have a high likelihood of failing again, hopefully it’s just a check ride. Aviation is for everyone, being a professional aviator is not.

This is likely to be the thought process of a recruiter.

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