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The framework of Marx in not really appropriate in examining a business. It is not about being oppressed or oppressing. The simple answer is that many Airlines have failed in business for numerous reasons, the most important being pricing the product to earn a profit. When the Airlines do well, the employees share in the prosperity in the form of better salaries and working conditions and it is obvious now that the opposite also happens.
The days of glamor are long gone, due mainly to the wide demographic aviation now serves.
In Aviation, job pay is highest for the safest and easier jobs and lowest for the toughest and most dangerous. Usually the higher pay is the direct result of more responsibility for a more expensive aircraft and contents and the experience and time it took to get there.
The motivation of both parties is simple- to make money, use your skills to do something useful and enjoy a work routine and lifestyle that is a bit different than 9-5. Management is also concerned with making money,but it should be noted that the desire to make money and doing it are two very different things.
Hub and Spoke is still in effect, the type of feeder has changed.

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