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Originally Posted by EMAW View Post
is that actually regulatory? Or is it self-imposed by NetJets (EJM). Don’t know about legs, but they are no longer the largest based on hrs flown according to ARGUS. At least in 2019 they were about half of GAMA signature. Now that wheels UP Has acquired Gama, DPJ, and TMC, I think the gap has grown. And Gama has at least a pilot or two in their mid 70s.
I thought it was a regulatory compromise (Netjets wanted 65). Actually I thought it was legislative, which of course supersedes the regulatory process... congress injecting itself rather than letting the FAA take action (or not).

I have no idea what regs GAMA falls under, or how their flying is accounted for. the legislation was specifically targeted at Netjets.

Here's an article on it, confirms what I thought unless something changed since it was published
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