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Originally Posted by nitefr8dog View Post
So they sell it in 6 mos....
I know we are just bloviating here, but if you read the filings it talks about AMZN having to meet certain requirements in order actually hold more than 4.9% of the shares ( the warrants are not shares, but ill assume we all understand that). I would pretty much guarantee that one of those requirements is that they cant flip the shares in a short time frame. They very intentionally kept below 5% with Atlas to avoid having to meet the requirements of the warrants. They did not do the same with ATSG. The warrants (with both ATSG and AAWW) were presumably structured in a way that basically makes amazon either exercise them and exit the position (technically whittle it down to 4.9%) or invest and stay invested for some time frame. They likely wont be selling those shares anytime soon.... but of course anything is possible.
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