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Originally Posted by Lifeisgood View Post
If the company plan is to have ~80% of summer 2019 operation during the summer of 2022.. (JL at Stan mtg)

The 5 Apr AE is claiming to staff the operation for summer 2022.. (BS AE memo)

During VEOP about 2000 dudes hanged up the gloves, vast majority were WB Captains.. (ish as l recall)

The 5 Apr AE has 580 WB Captain positions..

I need serious help with my math.. Tennessee public education system fails me again. Please help me to figure out what I am missing.

Did JL just talk about “domestic only at 80%, international still in the toilet”?? Anybody in the know?


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Company is usually over conservative with their projections. Summer 2022 will likely be 90-95% of 2019 as international will bounce back quicker than expected with less competitors due bankruptcies(ie Norwegian). Due to the retirement of several 767s Delta has a hole in their Widebody network and must bring on more Widebodies in the near term. I think redline operations will be part of the new normal

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