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Originally Posted by Lifeisgood;[url=tel:3216511
3216511[/url]]Yes, but shiny new jets are coming also. Some are WBs.
We took 35 in 2020, 34 this year, by the time its summer 2022 we should get another 10 321neo, 4 339, 1 350 and some 220ís.
Could be a wash?
777 somewhat offset by 339: 4 in 2019, 4 in 2020, 3 in 2021, 8 in 2022 (4 should be by the summer).

Its just either 5 apr AE is shy on Captains or stop calling it summer 2022 all and done, no?
I see your point and Iíll admit I havenít done the math to see how the new vs retired airframes balance out. I want to believe we will get back to 15k pilots, but color me skeptical.
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