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Originally Posted by Lifeisgood View Post
Yes, but shiny new jets are coming also. Some are WBs.
We took 35 in 2020, 34 this year, by the time its summer 2022 we should get another 10 321neo, 4 339, 1 350 and some 220ís.
Could be a wash?
777 somewhat offset by 339: 4 in 2019, 4 in 2020, 3 in 2021, 8 in 2022 (4 should be by the summer).

Its just either 5 apr AE is shy on Captains or stop calling it summer 2022 all and done, no?
Right. This AE seems like it's aimed at trying to salvage what they can of this summer. Our VP of Network was quoted in the WSJ the other day saying that they're now expecting to fly 80-85% of the summer of 2019 by the end of this summer.

I'd bet by fall we see another AE that includes additional 330 spots and opens up substantially more spots for newhires. I'd guess over 1000. That'll be the real AE for the summer of 2022.
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