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I attended two fairs, one about a year out from my mil retirement and one about 6 months out. Both times, I stood in line and talked to the guy that eventually ended up sitting across the table from me during my UPS interview. I'm not saying the fairs were the magic that made it all happen, but I was much more comfortable in the interview dealing with someone I already had spoken to a lot. He remembered me from the job fairs and I guess came away with a decent impression. I know it takes your time and money to attend, but in the grand scheme of things it certainly won't hurt your chances...it might even help.

I agree with b2pilot except I had to attend more than 2 job fairs.

The person I talked to at an AIRInc job fair did part of my HR interview. Another person I met at the WAI seminar did my sim ride. I'd say it definitely helped in my case.
Once hiring resumes focus on the women in aviation seminar - it's the best job fair out there in my view. I had much more one-on-one time with the recruiters there as it is spread out over three days versus 1 day only (the actual HR portion).

Oh, I'm not a lady; yes it's open to guys too.
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