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Originally Posted by JB130 View Post
The previous online/email survey was worded in the same manner.

There is a professional career field in research and an entire academic discipline devoted to research methods. One precept of the research craft acknowledges that it is actually rather difficult to remove bias from research survey questions. Extracting pure, unbiased data through research is a learned skill. Removing bias to achieve pure results is the ultimate goal within the discipline of research methods, as it relates to survey questions. Like all skills, it can be used for good or it can be used for bad (see Anakin Skywalker and the Force or OJ's legal team).

Skilled researchers can disguise bias in their survey questions to achieve a desired result while the survey takers are none the wiser. Given that many on here and on the crew bus have already identified the bias in the questions given us, it is not a stretch of the imagination to conclude there is a desired result in play for the survey data. One could also conclude that skilled, professional researchers did not write the questions since the bias was so poorly disguised. Either we hired researchers that weren't so skilled at their craft or we had pilots write the questions thinking they were.

So true! That's going to be the net result if we are served pancakes....a waste of time that will delay our new contract and a waste of our dues money because any TA delivered with pancakes will be voted down. DC and PM, we're not as aloof as you think.
It was a hack job. Your only option to "disagree" with their premise (and the "question" certainly espouses a premise) is to decline to answer. So.....VOILA. The results will show that 95% of RESPONSES agreed with the MEC plan. It's criminal.
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