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Originally Posted by Wildflyin View Post
Reviving the thread now that hiring started again. How long between "Publish" and getting a call say from United? Also, for those called, what times/credentials were you called with?
Anywhere from two weeks to never.

Now if we assume that your current qualifications are right in the ten ring of their current sweet-spot, and that they're actively interviewing maybe two weeks to two months. But of course nobody is certain just yet what the ten ring looks like post covid, although their diversity campaign might provide a hint. Safe to assume the competitive quals are much greater than minimums.

There are threads in the UAL forum discussing hiring/interview.

Most people who succeed in getting to a major apply to most of them, ie shotgun approach, and take the first job offered. Exception would be if the geography simply won't work you. It's not like the regionals, they pick you you don't pick them.
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