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Originally Posted by RockyBoy View Post
If the negotiators are trying to put "thousands" of young Delta pilots at the bottom of the list, it sounds like they think that NWA pilots have to be happy and that the young Delta pilots don't matter in this deal. The only way to do it fairly is to do it via relative seat position. If I'm 80% on a small narrowbody airplane now, I should be in the same relative position after the merger. If that puts me ahead of a NWA guy that was hired before me and he keeps his relative seat position, it's still fair because we are relatively in the same spot. If relative movement up the seniority list has been faster at Delta, then that should be reflected in the integration.
if CAL had merged with delta last year (hypothetical) when they were putting new hires in the 777 should they be of relative seniority to delta 777 fo's. the size of airplane that someone flys isn't always an indicator or their seniority.

what about the first class of new hires? where should they fall in line. deltas was in jan/feb while nwa's was sept/oct. do they have the same expectations and be put about the same seniority? what about the expected retirements between the 2. nwa was expected to retire a bunch before 65 compaired to delta.

delta has some a/c orders while nwa is parking some but getting the 787 in august08/feb09/whenever they get done.
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