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Originally Posted by 4dalulz View Post
Is it really a "great" job when you're parking planes and trying to reduce staffing?
No planes are parked
No staffing has been reduced. A paid leave is not a staffing reduction anymore than guys going on military leave is.

Yeah, it was a great job by all putting it all together.

They did this because it benefited everybody, nothing more. They certainly didn't have to, or even need to do it. Nobody was forced to take a leave. I honestly hope they offer the paid leaves again in the future when it benefits everybody. Late November, December and January are usually slower months; I'd love paid leave over the holidays. They've laid the groundwork to be able to pull this LOA out, dust it off, and offer similar things in the future. That benefits us all.

The end result is 15 pilots were granted paid leave. Not everybody got all 3 months, or even 2 months; many were 1 month only. If you think savings of about $220k over 3 months was going to make/break the company then you're a fool.
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