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Originally Posted by Cujo665 View Post
No planes are parked
No staffing has been reduced. A paid leave is not a staffing reduction anymore than guys going on military leave is.

Yeah, it was a great job by all putting it all together.

They did this because it benefited everybody, nothing more. They certainly didn't have to, or even need to do it. Nobody was forced to take a leave. I honestly hope they offer the paid leaves again in the future when it benefits everybody. Late November, December and January are usually slower months; I'd love paid leave over the holidays. They've laid the groundwork to be able to pull this LOA out, dust it off, and offer similar things in the future. That benefits us all.

The end result is 15 pilots were granted paid leave. Not everybody got all 3 months, or even 2 months; many were 1 month only. If you think savings of about $220k over 3 months was going to make/break the company then you're a fool.
As alluded to earlier time will tell. You said a plane was withdrawn and sent to get a hole cut, and your board indicated another one might go as well - that's parked or removed from service for Omni. You said yourself nobidy was forced - so we can't know how much "savings" they were hoping for. Based on your BoD's publcly released statements we know things are not that rosy and it would be an involutary furlough if you hadn't taken the government bailout money. Now to be clear, I don't think you guys are sinking (not yet anyway); just based on publicly available information I don't believe ATSG is trying to position Omni is a way which will take advantage of the market nor are they attempting to acquire new business. Granted this can all change on a whim, but based on what they said I don't think they're going to be needing more pilots. I think we can all agree that the guys in the hiring pool will not be getting a call for at least 3 months based on that leave award.
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