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Originally Posted by 4dalulz View Post
Yet it is a lot like other carriers in the ACMI segment and is the team leader for the "Patriot" team - other carriers in this segment of the industry have grown, tremendously in many cases; Swift of all places has grown to exceed the Omni fleet drastically (though I don't believe they do much military or international trips), Dynamic has grown from an airline that was having airplanes repossessed to being awarded a multi-hundred-million dollar DOD flying contract. Both of these are not publicly traded so it's hard to ascertain their exact profitability, but Omni (via ATSG) is publicly traded and, while profitable, it is clear (IN YOUR BOARDS OWN WORDS) that there is no intention to (currently) significantly grow Omni, and as I have said before - the actions they have undertaken as a point of FACT directly correlate to their publicly shared strategy and sentiments.

Maybe because I only joined to share that ya'll were "furloughing" (yeah you have made abundantly clear that it's voluntary) then ya'll decided to, proverbially, claim "everything is fine", at any cost. AGAIN; this is not saying that Omni is a sinking ship - this all started with my statement that a guy in the pool will be waiting a while due to FACTS of what your airline has decided to do for the next few months. I find it hard to correlate voluntary leaves and fleet totals being reduced with someone being hired out of the pool next week.

If it's that - then at least most jobs would be safe - but it also wouldn't give me high hopes for reaching a TA anytime soon - good luck on the process by the way.

Reading comprehension much?
Do you have some kind of intent with all of these posts? Some beef with Omni? ATSG?
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