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Hello! Im a 30yo 121 regional captain and have casually looked into the possibility of a career change. Most paths point to an ASI ACO but the information out there is outdated or vague so I figured I would read through this thread and throw out a post.

The job posting in May which caught my attention said that the position was 80% work from home 20% travel. Is that just a temporary covid protocol?

And more broadly, Id like to find out more information on what the career entails; daily tasks, advancement opportunities, training program details and placement. I live in Minneapolis and as my wife is also a 121 pilot based here, we do not wish to relocate if able.

Step one, I want to at least see if this is a career I would enjoy. I have thought about giving the fsdo a call to schedule a meeting, basically to see what the job is and answer these preliminary questions.

Thank you!
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