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Originally Posted by whalesurfer View Post
Was it now? Really? Can you back it up with any numbers or is it all so-I’ve-heard “truth”?? What has changed since then? Anything? Has the terrorism threat diminished? Yeah, didn’t think so.. Yes, it demonstrably has diminished in Tel Aviv. The Israelis changed tactics to limit the ability of Palestinians, who didn’t hold Israeli citizenship, to enter the country. Just Google the wall Israel built between the West Bank Palestinian areas and Israel.

(By the way, yours is the excuse management has used for years and years to keep that flying away from us. After all, it cost them 90% less when the Turkish outfit flew it.) I heard it from fellow IPA guys who were around then. Management has definitely been taking advantage of the situation, but the last few years of delay has been driven by the Turks trying to protect their own carrier. Still on management to comply with the contract.

Tank - WTF!?! - I used to follow your replies.

I feel safer in “bad areas” of Tel Aviv or Istanbul (been to both - numerous times!) than I do in “good areas” of Chicago or Detroit. I totally agree, many of our domestic layovers are significantly less safe than Tel Aviv. I’m not sure anyone thought Istanbul was unsafe. That said, the danger from terrorism versus random street crime tends to be looked at very differently by a lot of people, even though your risk statistically from terrorism is very low.

Hell, we might as well give up on ALL of our international flying based on your mindset. Wow!! 😢😢😢

I think you are misinterpreting my point. The reality is a lot of our coworkers have a relatively low tolerance for taking perceived risks just to hold a route. Just look at the debates on the B&G about China flying. I personally would love a Tel Aviv or Istanbul layover. The MD would be a great fit for that route

PLEASE DO NOT BID ANY OF THOSE TRIPS!! It only took us close to 21 years to get those trips back since the last cadre of people with your perception refused to fly them!!
See the answers in red above.
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