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Originally Posted by WacoQCF View Post
Can you though? The Navy still hold a line on their subs that they can submerge “greater than 500’” or something like that - so they likely will not jump on he news to talk about capabilities.
They are intentionally vague for obvious reasons.

I didn't say they couldn't, I said they wouldn't.

Originally Posted by WacoQCF View Post
It’s a great opportunity for training and use of equipment
For that reason you might find mil assets doing things which are not in their usual mandate.

But in this case they would utilize regular navy diving/salvage assets, that's been done before. I worked with navy guys who dove on TWA 800.

They would not use classified assets such as attack subs, DDS, minisubs unless it was to save lives in immediate danger. Those are national or SOCOM assets.

Originally Posted by WacoQCF View Post
the news never identified who took those photos at 800’ depth - my guess if the locally based Navy Dive and Salvage Unit. That’s what they do, and it’s in their backyard.
Very likely MDSU-1 using an ROV. But they don't use subs, DDS, minisubs, etcs. That's SEAL hardware.

Originally Posted by WacoQCF View Post
You could be right...just saying.
Having worked extensively in that field with all of that hardware I'm quite sure I'm right. A nuclear attack sub is not a safe or economic platform for routine recovery/salvage diving, compared to a purpose-built salvage ship. They would also risk compromising classified info.

It is common for attack subs to transit in and out of HI with a DDS attached... SDVT-1 is based there.

But nobody saw a DSRV... those are long retired and in museums.
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