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Default Stolen logbook(s)

Hi all,

Well, I find myself of being in the unfortunate position of having my logbooks stolen. Iím in training for a 121 regional currently and went home for the weekend and came back to find my room had been burglarized. My backpack containing my logbooks with the original signatures/endorsements as well as my 141 electronic logbooks were inside the backpack. There was no safe inside the room and with a quick trip home it made more sense to keep everything in one place in a locked, ďsecureĒ hotel room.

Now, the good news. I have been backing up my paper logbooks since day 1 with LogTen Pro and even made a spiral bound printout from FedEx before coming to training, which I still have. I also did IACRA about 2 weeks ago during my CFI renewal. Since I havenít flown since June, my IACRA and digital logbook printout match to the decimal point. Iím hoping I may get the logbooks back but in case that doesnít happen, whatís my next step? I have never failed an FAA checkride, is there a way to request my complete airman records to verify this? IACRA still has my old applications but too much time has passed and the view/print option isnít appearing for most of them. I also plan on saving a copy of the police report to bring to future interviews. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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