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Originally Posted by GeliDonut View Post
There’s room in the cargo area for your backpack/laptop bag/whatever you bring. If there is lots of pax luggage, then sometimes you might need to get creative about moving things around...or strap your small crew bags or some pax bags to the toilet seat. A small bag like that will be fine though.

As for the Luggage Works...those are heavy bags, in addition to not being “squishable”. Just remember that in the 135 world, the other crew member is often unloading the bags at the end of the day, while the other guy is doing something consider your crew hefting that in and out of the wing locker. I guess what I’m trying to say is...I personally can’t stand it when somebody shows up with that heavy a$$ Luggage Works, metal framed monstrosity.
Yes, it’s heavy. But I’ve had one bag for the last 15 years, and they’ll send me a loaner if I ever have to send it in for repairs. Most TravelPros and others I’ve seen need to have stuff removed from them to get them to fit in the lockers. So heft one bag, or break down/repack another every day. The luggage works 22 fits the easiest of any bag I’ve seen, and it’s by far the sturdiest and best quality for what we do day-to-day. I’d never ask anyone to load/unload my bag. To each their own.
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