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Originally Posted by LiftVector View Post
Does anyone have any details regarding the SWA non-rev privileges at XO? Does that extend to immediate family like other non-rev programs? I just noticed it on the APF profile page for XOJet.
Lift Vector,

The non-rev pass agreement is for cabin only seats that are available for pilots only to fly on SWA. No family members are allowed to fly as part of the agreement. The agreement is based upon XOJET being one of the three “Destination 225” 135 carriers that SWA partners with to help train future SWA candidates.

XO takes a limited number of graduates from the D225 program each year (we have our first D225 graduate who came on property about 6 weeks ago).

A few folks have non-rev’d on SWA that I know of, it works just like any other pilot that works for a company that has a reciprocal agreement with SWA who wishes to non-rev on SWA except the jump seat is not an option for XO pilots.

Hope that helps.
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