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Originally Posted by whalesurfer View Post
Was it now? Really? Can you back it up with any numbers or is it all so-I’ve-heard “truth”?? What has changed since then? Anything? Has the terrorism threat diminished? Yeah, didn’t think so..

(By the way, yours is the excuse management has used for years and years to keep that flying away from us. After all, it cost them 90% less when the Turkish outfit flew it.)

Tank - WTF!?! - I used to follow your replies.

I feel safer in “bad areas” of Tel Aviv or Istanbul (been to both - numerous times!) than I do in “good areas” of Chicago or Detroit.

Hell, we might as well give up on ALL of our international flying based on your mindset. Wow!! 😢😢😢

PLEASE DO NOT BID ANY OF THOSE TRIPS!! It only took us close to 21 years to get those trips back since the last cadre of people with your perception refused to fly them!!
3 months ago

Last October

On 23 October 2020 the U.S. Embassy in Turkey issued a warning to US citizens of potential terrorist attacks and kidnappings against US citizens and foreign nationals in Istanbul, as well as potentially other locations in Turkey”

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