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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
You really can't tell anything, but after a lot of years doing 135 and corporate, as well as one or two other things in this industry, when I see kids dragging their kneeboards along, it's usually a good sign that they aren't far removed from their 141 flight school, or their can't shed their limited military experience. There aren't many places a kneeboard is much of an advantage outside of single seat cockpits, and single-pilot hands-on cockpits that lack automation.

Don't forget your cloud level finder and mirrored sunglasses there, maverick.

I agree the only people using kneeboards are the ex-military newbies or ink still wet kids coming from a flight school. No disagreement there, but you can lose the toxicity when you donít even work here. Also, never heard of a cloud level finder but you can share where it touched you to make you hate it so much
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