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Originally Posted by JayMahon View Post
Has anyone built time by volunteering with religious organizations? I see a lot of them want pilot/mechanics but only require 400 hours if you have your mechanic's license. Without the mechanic training minimums jump to 1000 hours or more.

Just curious if any of these organizations worked out for time building and if anyone had any success with them.
I've never done it myself but was really into the actual mission(aviation speaking) so I did a ton of research, looking for a way around the whole religion part of it. There is none, and it's not really a time building job. You need a church sponsor, and have to meet certain religion requirements to insure you spread the word to those who "need it". I'm and A&P and meet all the hours but it doesn't matter, no way around the church stuff.

If the church aspect of it is not a problem for you and you can self fund/get funding, then go for it. The experience seems unbelievable. I followed this guy for a while but he's gone dark. Not sure if he's still flying-
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