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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Some years ago I was in Madang, Papua New Guinea, and spotted a Cessna 206 loading up with everything imaginable in an open hangar. It was notable because the gear was squatted out, not any daylight visible in the aircraft, and it was packed. I enquired about the operation; missionary aviation fellowship (MAF); largest of the missionary outfits.

I enquired about what they wanted for their pilot applicants, and he rattled off some numbers, then said, "but we wouldn't consider you."

I asked why that might be. I hadn't told him anything about myself, background experience, and wasn't actually looking for a job. Just making some conversation.

"We don't take people of your theological affiliation." He said. I thought that was interesting, as I hadn't broached that subject.

"Aren't you a Christian organization?" I asked. He nodded. "Aren't you supposed to love all mankind?"

"We hate catholics, too," he said, "But we'll fly them if they pay us enough."

I walked off. I'd heard enough.
Wow. Dude was quite the a-hole, regardless of what faith he espouses. Out of curiosity, how exactly did he figure out your faith just by looking at you? That sounds like more of a racism kind of move.
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