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Originally Posted by smoothride

Could you shed any more light on how it is working where you are now (for someone who may end up moving to Seoul, Korea)?

I'm starting at the tip of the airline hiring iceberg, the above water part I'm somewhat familiar with (call it US airlines), the underwater part is the rest of the world, and I have no real idea what's there and how it all works.

I'm sincere about wanting to know what its like out there...


There is no way to answer your question with any accuracy. Much like corporate jobs in the States, no two foreign airlines are the same. Some are good and some are bad.

GreenDOG is working for an airline that 5 of my friends went to work for in 1996/7. Within two years all of them were either fired or quit. I've since warned people about EVA on many forums. It's not one of the better places to work. That said, it is a decent stepping stone for better things. There are quite a few guys at my current airline who finished their four year contract at EVA and have now moved on. If you treat it for what it is, a stepping stone, and then move on it makes working there a bit more palatable.

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