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After grueling research, it was May 07 Sig Notes where this was brought up"

The hotel committee and CTS are working on bringing Affinity points to the crew force. We are exploring “hotel points” provisions in new hotel contracts. We will be working with National Reps and local hotels to work hotel affinity points into the program for FedEx pilots. As you can imagine, this is a delicate path that we’re traveling down with this venture. The "hotel points" is not a switch that we turned on to immediately get points. Please do not present an exaggerated sense of entitlement when dealing with hotels and points. This is a plan for the future that we are working on now. We will keep you posted through the SIG Notes Hotel Solutions in the coming months. If you know of any hotels that do give you points now please let us know. We would like to cement those deals for the crew force.

I guess this is being worked on, but I haven't heard anything since. Like I said, it would be a very good freebie for us. I am not sure how many free hotel nights it would equate to, but maybe enough to use for a small family trip. It might be very beneficial to commuters that don't have crash pads....
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