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Originally Posted by NatGeo View Post
Trump and his cronies engineered the plan to place tariffs on Bombardier's new C series jets. He effectively outsourced thousands of North American aviation jobs to Europe.

Trump was great for Airbus, I'm sure they will be contributing to get him in again.
Complete male bovine fecal matter. Trump did no such thing, Boeing did it and, in any event, the tariff was tossed by the courts as Rickair stated. Additionally, there an Airbus A220 “Canabus” line in Mobile, AL, which, however much some hate the fact, is in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Where, much of the high value IP and components are manufactured for both Airbus and Bombardier business Jets. Nice try, do some research and critical thinking next time.

You might research “outsourcing”; it doesn’t mean what you think it does.
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