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I am currently at AMF and have had folks I know reach out about FO slots. From what I was told, per our agreements with UPS and United, they have the first dibs on any open FO spots. IF we still have needs, then we can hire off the street. (We have one E120 FO that is a street hire that finished Indoc today and starts aircraft training on Monday.) But these spots are VERY limited and lots of folks looking for them. So like QRH said, you need to reach out and not wait for an open bid -- you won't see one of those.

If you can get to 135 IFR mins (1200 TT, 500 point to point CC, 100 night, 75 Instrument) I can just about guarantee you can get an interview.
Thanks for the info about the FO, it sound like your company got a lot of the UPS and United people in the pipe right now, which will be lot harder to get hired as a street FO. I have looked at the program and what I could understand, it almost you are either working with Ameriflight or you are in a flight school working, toward your hours. I will keep checking the website in hope of getting chance to apply for an open position, as well try to send an updated resume to the recruiter. I will continue to work on getting that IFR captain min. I will keep checking the website and try to network with people that I know that is working at Ameriflight in hope that they could get my name recognized and give me a chance for a call to interview. Also, from what I am reading on your company website it sound like they are looking into the charter side of the business to expand. I wonder if that might open up possible FO spot for that part of the flight operation.
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