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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
I'd be surprised...

MAG: If Jerry thought ASA was a PITA (which he did), why would he want to touch the mesa pile of doo-doo? If he wants the routes, he can probably just do nothing and they will fall in his lap anyway. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't want anything to do with Go! or KungFu!

XJT: Let's see...50-seaters, relatively expensive labor contract, 50-seaters, alpa, 50-seaters, shaky CAL contract, more 50-seaters. Nothing against XJet, but what do you do with it? Jerry declined to bid on CAL flying the last time he had the chance...he couldn't get the terms he wanted so why would he buy somebody else's terms?

I understand he has money burning a hole in his pocket, but other than that can anybody think of REALLY compelling reasons to buy either? Of course anything is worth buying if the price is low enough...
You forgot 50 seaters.

And to answer you last question, not many reasons to buy either. One thing, but probably doesn't matter or carry any weight, and I mentioned it once before.

XJET STILL has options for 100 XR's. We have heard that Embraer has ZERO interest in spooling up the XR line as it's been shut down, but will gladly convert those 100 options to larger aircraft.
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